About The Millionaire Maker Show

Welcome to The Millionaire Maker Show hosted by yours truly, Lindsey Anderson, a seasoned business coach for coaches with over two decades of experience.

My goal with producing The Millionaire Maker Show is to help online coaches scale their online coaching business with unparalleled ease. Our focus? Empowering you to achieve more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact.


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At the helm of two highly successful ventures—BAM Agency and Lindsey Anderson Coaching—I bring to the table an extensive background in building and monetizing online businesses. 

BAM Agency provides a ‘done-for-you’ service for coaches ready to scale their proven methodologies. 

On the other hand, at Lindsey Anderson Coaching, I leverage personalized courses and programs to mentor coaches aiming for the coveted six-figure mark and beyond.

What sets The Millionaire Maker Show apart from the pack is our unique combination of potent insights derived from my own years of success, a forthright interviewing style that tackles current industry trends head-on, and inspiring success stories from coaches who’ve walked the talk.

We present three types of content-rich episodes:

  • solo sessions with me sharing trade secrets
  • interviews with industry leaders
  • stories from clients that offer a clear roadmap to success

Our show’s inspiration comes from the Millionaire Maker Self-Filling Coaching Funnel. It’s a simple yet highly effective business plan for growing a thriving coaching business.  Our mission is to make the path to online coaching success not only accessible but truly achievable.

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